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Roman Re-Enactment

Tuesday, 28 May 11:00 - 16:00 in Priory Park

Join us in Priory Park for an exciting re-enactment which will bring the Roman period to life.

As well as talks and demonstrations, we will have a range of static displays such as military camp complete with Roman artillery and a field medicine tent. Other demonstrations will cover aspects of civilian life such as midwifery, religion, slavery, cooking and a mosaicist.

This interactive re-enactment will encourage audience participation and spectators are encouraged to dress up.

Please note that Priory Park is a dog free park, and will not be permitted at this event.

11amMilitary Show and TalkAn explanation about life in the Roman Army. Find out about the kit soldiers wore and the training they did. Watch a military march, manoeuvres and pledge your allegiance by swearing an oath.
12pmMedicine TalkLearn about field medicine and how battle wounds were treated.
12.45pmSlave Auction and TalkJoin our slave auction and learn more about the various fates Roman slaves met and what their lives would have been like.
1.30pmArtillery TalkFind out about Roman artillery, how it was used and how it was fired.
2.30pmGladiator Show and TalkLearn about the history of gladiators and gladiator fights. Help the editor of the games decide the fate of a criminal before trying your hand at gladitorial combat.