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Tim Peake Exhibition

Tim Peake Exhibition

December 2016 saw the launch of our exciting new exhibition - Tim Peake; An Extraordinary Journey.

The exhibition will allow visitors to embark on a space journey that follows Tim Peake's astronomical adventure - from growing up in Chichester to becoming the first British European Space Agency astronaut.

We are thrilled to have Tim's official backing to the exhibition, and to have his father, Nigel Peake, as part of the project group pulling the exhibition together.

The UK Space Agency and the Destination Space programme are also backing the exhibition, which will also explore careers in space in order to inspire young people to follow in Tim's footsteps.

You will start their journey when you step into our 'rocket lift' and will be transported into our 'outer space' level.

Your mission will begin by finding out about the Soyuz rocket, from its take off to landing - including watching the moment that Tim blasted off into space. You can discover what it's like to live in space, from eating, sleeping to even exercising in the International Space Station. You can then find out about Tim's space walk and even get involved in scientific space experiments and other interactive activities.

Step into your space suit and helmet and prepare to enter Tim's sleeping chamber, which has been recreated to help people understand what it's like to sleep in space.

The exhibition opened 15 December 2016 - the anniversary of Tim's launch into space.

Please note that the Tim Peake exhibition may be closed from 10:00 - 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for learning sessions. For more information please see our Gallery Closurespage.