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10th Anniversary Print - vote now!

To mark our 10th birthday this July, we will be commissioning a 10th anniversary print. The image will include a range of objects from our collection, including the Roman bath house, Chilgrove mosaic and the Mystery Warrior's openwork crest.

We would like your help to select three additional objects from our collection, which is not an easy task when there are such a variety of important objects to choose from!

Find out more about these objects below, and then vote for your favourite here:  Vote for your favourite object

Municipal Moon Lantern

Municipal Moon Lantern (mid-17th Century)

Originally part of a pair, this lantern was carried during evening processions to light the way for the Mayor. It was last used at the opening of the Festival Theatre and is one of the last surviving of its kind in England.

The Bosham Head

The Bosham Head (2nd Century AD)

This colossal Roman marble statue head was discovered in the Vicarage at Bosham in the 1800s. It is thought to represent the head of the Emperor Trajan.

Kindly on loan from the Bishop of Chichester

Shippam's Paste Jar

Shippam's Paste Jar (20th Century)

This iconic Shippam's meat paste jar may be familiar to you. It was first produced by the local family run company in 1906.

Appledown Brooch

Appledown Brooch (6th Century AD)

Gilded cast bronze buckle with red garnet stones found in the burial of an adult male at the Apple Down Anglo Saxon cemetery, near Up Marden. His other grave goods included a spearhead, bucket, seax, purse bar, knife and tweezers.

Wallpaper sample from Dolphin & Anchor

Wallpaper Sample (19th century)

These wallpaper samples from the site of the former Dolphin and Anchor Hotel, West Street, were discovered during archaeological investigation of the building prior to redevelopment in 1998.

Joe Faro's Pie Oven

Joe Faro's Pie Oven (1863-1913)

Joe Faro sold his pies, gravy and other bakes using this ingenious portable oven at various locations all over Chichester, including at the Market Cross.

Pollock's Puppet Theatre  

Pollock's Toy Theatre (19th - 20th Century)

Pollock's toy theatre, with interchangeable set designs and characters. These were popular toys which enabled children to 'stage' a variety of plays, in this case the theatre came was given to the museum with set designs and characters from Mikado and Robinson Crusoe.

VE Day Peace Dress

VE Day Peace Dress (1945)

Dress, made of parachute material and worn during celebrations at a Victory in Europe Day concert in East Wittering, 1945

Hawkhurst Gang smuggler's talisman, locket and pouch

Smuggler's talisman, locket and pouch (mid-1700s)

Locket, leather pouch and talisman said to have belonged to William Jackson, a member of the notorious Hawkhurst Gang a mob of smugglers who operated along the south coast in the 18th century. Jackson was among the members of the Hawkhurst Gang tried, and convicted of the murder of William Galley and Daniel Chater. Jackson was found dead in his cell at the Chichester gaol, before his punishment could be inflicted.

Petworth Hoard Coin

Petworth Hoard Coin (19BC - AD 134)

Silver denarius of Caesar Augustus. The coin was one of 103 coins found together in a hoard discovered near Petworth in 2006. It is believed that they were deposited around AD 134, based on the coins of Hadrian found within the hoard which date to this time.

Bronze Age axeheads

Bronze Axe Heads from Michael Ayres Hoard (1000BC - 600BC)

Bronze axe heads from a founders hoard discovered in 1957 at the site of what is now Southway Primary School, Bognor Regis. Items like this were buried for safe keeping until the smith was ready to melt and reuse the bronze to make new items.

Mobile Stocks

Mobile Stocks (18th Century)

Hand drawn wooden stocks on wheels. Offenders were put in the stocks and pulled around the City centre, whilst onlookers pelted them with rotten fruit, vegetables and eggs. Their last recorded use was in April 1852 when Henry 'Shadow' Mason was charged with drunk and disorderly conduct and was put in the stocks for two hours at the Market Cross.