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Workshops at the Novium

Our interactive, 'hands-on' workshops enable pupils to see and handle real and replica artifacts, try on costume and engage in thought provoking and enjoyable activities.

We now offer City Walks to compliment our workshops: learn more about the history of Chichester by exploring the city with a member of museum staff, looking at the streets and buildings to discover how the city has developed over time.

Workshops are usually two hours long and cost £5 per pupil. Walks last 1 hour and cost £3 per child. Why not combine a museum workshop with a city walk for just £7 per child?

They are primarily aimed at KS2 but can be adjusted to different ages and abilities so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We can cater for 60 pupils at a time, and a lunch room can be provided (subject to availability, a charge may apply).

Did you know we can bring our workshops to your classroom?

pdf icon The Novium Learning Brochure 2019 [1Mb]

Workshops at The Novium

Roman Chichester (KS2)

This interactive session investigates what life in Chichester was like at the time of the Romans. It looks at the importance of the bath house, the role of the army and investigates what museum artefacts can tell us about life in Roman times.

Space Explorers (EYFS/KS1/KS2) 60/90 minutes session for EYFS/KS1

Find out about life as an astronaut through the eyes of local hero, Tim Peake. Discover more about life on the International Space Station and what it is like to live and work in space. 

Saxon Settlements in Sussex (KS2)

Explore the reasons for the Saxon invasion and learn more about what life was like at the time. Learn about Saxon burial practices and beliefs by recreating a warrior burial, and use archaeological drawings from a local cemetery to piece together evidence about local Saxon life.

Stone Age to Iron Age (KS1/KS2) 

Understand more about the significant changes during the Stone Age by looking at real and replica prehistoric tools and how they developed. Understand the different uses of materials when making tools for hunting and everyday life, and discover what can be learnt from a real Bronze Age burial.

Changing Chichester (KS1/KS2)

Follow footprints through history around the museum and find evidence of people's jobs in the past. Pupils will develop a sense of local chronology through looking at maps and objects, and by discussing continuity and change that has occurred in the city. Can be run in conjunction with 'Treasure Hunters' workshop at Chichester Cathedral.

Toys and Games (EYFS/KS1) 60/90 minute sessions for EYFS/KS1

Bring your class to meet the museum's toymakers. Find out all about old and new toys. including the materials they are made from, how they are used and how toys have changed over the years. Pupils will solve riddles to find toys around the museum and have the opportunity to design their own toy of the future. 

Pirates and Smugglers (EYFS/KS1/KS2) 60/90 minutes sessions for EYFS/KS1

Find out about the infamous Hawkhurst Gang and their gruesome tale. Through interactive storytelling and 'hands-on' activities learn more about their crimes, the objects they smuggled and the fate of some members of the gang. 

Life on the Home Front (KS2)

Explore some common 1940s objects and their uses and discover what life was like for children during the Second World War with this hands-on and interactive workshop.


Goody Bags

Why not end your visit with a fun-filled takeaway for your group? Our goody bags cost just £3 per child and include a toy, stickers and activities.

Information for teachers

Pre visit

We recommend coming on a pre-visit to the museum where you can meet a member of the team, complete your risk assessments and orientate yourself before your visit.

Parking information

Coach and mini-bus drop off is outside the cathedral on West Street, a 3 minute walk from The Novium.
The nearest mini-bus and coach parking is opposite Westgate Leisure Centre on Via Ravenna in the Waitrose car park, a 15 minute walk from The Novium. Please see the Chichester District Council car parks map  for further information.

Recommended adult: child ratio

  • KS1&2 - 1:6
  • KS3- 1:10

It is important that group leaders remain with their groups at all times as the behaviour and discipline of pupils remain the responsibility of group leaders for the duration of your visit.

Self-led visits

When going around the venue self-guided it is advised to do so in smaller groups (maximum of 10 pupils) led by an adult.
These visits are free of charge for students but do not include use of the Woolstaplers Room or input from the learning team. Please contact the Novium Museum by email on or by phone at 01243 775888 to inform us of your planned visit, to ensure you do not clash with other visits.


· There are fully accessible toilets on the ground and 2nd floors, as well as toilets on the 1st floor.

· Fully accessible lift

· Gift shop