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Nets, Wrecks and Artefacts - a talk by Alistair Byford-Bates

The fishing community's contribution to our shared cultural heritage and the Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries (FIPAD)

Thursday, 30 April


The fishing industry since time immemorial has recovered items from the sea, either as jetsam, flotsam, lagan or derelict. These items can contribute valuable information to our shared history. They range from prehistoric flints and mega-fauna through to modern conflict debris via Roman pottery, medieval cannonballs, trade goods from the age of empire, and aircraft fragments in the modern period. Supported by Sussex IFCA, and managed by Wessex Archaeology, FIPAD was an HLF funded protocol that provided a mechanism for reporting these finds in Sussex. Reporting protocols have become an increasingly used form of mitigation against the direct impact of negative effects on the unknown heritage assets that lie off the coasts of Britain. This talk will discuss some of the material recovered, put it context, and demonstrate its contribution to widening the knowledge of our shared past. Further information on the project and its finds can be found via

Booking in advance is essential. Book online or phone 01243 816525.