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Salt Dough Jewellery

Why don't you try your hand at making jewellery out of flour and salt? Once you've baked your jewellery you could even paint it!

pdf icon Salt Dough Jewellery Instructions [504kb]

Or, have a go at our Time Traveller activity below!

Time Travellers: Understanding Time!

Any Time traveller needs to have an idea of history and time. Did you know that the period we know as 'Prehistory' makes up 99% of our past? It's sometimes quite hard to picture how long ago the Stone Age was so we have a little activity you can do at home which really puts it into perspective.

All you need is:

  • 2 people (or some tape for a second person)

  • Enough string to stretch across a room about 20 paces

  • 6 clothes pegs

Stand next to each other, one of you with all of the pegs. Let's travel back in time to 500,000BC and the Palaeolithic period, also known as the early Stone Age. You see the Stone Age alone spans such a long period in history that it has been split into 3 different periods, early, middle and late! During this early period lived a man we call the Boxgrove man. He made very basic tools like a spear out of stone and was a hunter gatherer. He may have lived in a cave or a very basic wood or mud structure. He is your first peg! One of you now needs walk back 20 big paces while holding string whist the other person stays where they are. Peg your Boxgrove man to the string at the 20 pace mark.

Let's fast forward now to 12,000BC and the Mesolithic period (middle stone age). People who lived during this time started to make more sophisticated stone tools such as fishing spears, harpoons and bows and arrows. It's time to put our next peg on, move back towards your partner 19 ½ paces! Peg your Mesolithic person here! Are you starting to see how long the Stone Age went on for?

Now let's travel to the Neolithic (New Stone Age). This is when people began to live in bigger groups, and most importantly, they started farming! Measure a hand's width closer to your partner and peg your Neolithic peg to the string.

We have now reached the Bronze Age, 2,800 years BC. Any guesses as to the ground breaking discovery in this age? Yes you've got it! Here people discovered Bronze and started making their tools out or metal instead of stone. Measure 3 thumbs closer to your partner and place your Bronze Age peg there.

After the Bronze Age, there was no stopping them. Next came the Iron Age where people started building bigger and better houses and didn't hunt anywhere near as much as during the Palaeolithic age. Place your Iron Age peg 1 thumb closer at 800 BC.

We have reached the ROMANS and 43 AD. We have a lot to be thankful to the romans for, straight roads, central heating, sewage systems and many more! The Romans started building huge houses and cities out of stone and farmed crops with very little hunter gathering. Our Roman peg can be placed just a pinkie finger away from the present day.

The person who has patiently been holding the string whilst the other person places the peg... you are the modern age and represent today!