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Sam Buvyer-Walker

When first presented with the Mystery Warrior I was initially struck by the beautiful, detailed, decaying headdress. The colouring of what would have once been a magnificent gold, now rusting into bronzes, greens and blues. Somehow, I find the now rusted headdress even more beautiful and interesting, it has a story to tell. The intricate pattern has continuous, but yet not symmetrical or exact, detailing.

The pattern inspired me to follow the route of detailed lino printing. My two main focal points are colour and pattern, looking at them as a pair, how they complement each other, and how changing the colour can transcend the vibe of the finished prints.

After experimenting with different patterns, I quickly discovered that I wanted to stay true to the headdress and replicate the pattern already presented on it. To achieve my goal, I cut the pattern into an A4 lino sheet. Once the lino was complete, I moved onto rolling out printing inks, mixing them and experimenting with the three colours I was using, bronze, gold and teal. I found that the colours mixed beautifully and more of any of the colours could be added to create the desired effect.

The end outcome is a series of three prints which go in the order of gold to bronze, to blue, this is to show the decaying journey of the headdress over the many years it was buried with the warrior.

Sam Buvyer-Walker

Sam novium Print 1
Sam novium-2 Print 2
Sam novium-3 Print 3
Sam novium-4 Print 4
Sam novium-5 Print 5
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Thumbnail image of Sam novium-2
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