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Roman Slave


Meet Alyssia, a slave working in the kitchens at a ludus in Noviomagus Reginorum in 73AD.

Have you ever wondered about life in the Roman Empire? Every day throughout Chichester Roman Week we will be introducing a new Roman character who will talk about what their life is really like!

Slavery existed in Roman society from an early stage. Slaves could be men, women and even children, and could be purchased by wealthy Roman's at slave markets. Slaves could be used for domestic help, manual labour and even gladiator fighting, and were considered to be the legal property of their master.

How did people become slaves? How could a slave become free? Earlier this year we asked you to send in your burning questions about life in the Roman Empire. In this video, Alyssia answers your questions!

We are able to bring Chichester Roman Week to you thanks to public funding by Arts Council England.