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Clay Workshop

Saturday, 3 June at The Novium Museum. Learn clay techniques to create your own artwork

Clay workshop with Kate Viner

Clay workshop with Kate Viner

Saturday 3rd June, 10am - 4pm, at the Novium Museum

Booking in advance is essential, £30 per person

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Join us for a day creating your own artwork using clay techniques which are as old as Roman time itself. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn portraiture and figurative relief sculptural processes, while referencing the figurative treasures held by The Novium Museum in Chichester.

You will be looking closely at locally excavated Roman artworks, including the Jupiter Stone and Bosham head from the Novium Museum collections and the beautiful Fishbourne Marble Bust and the Figured Samian terracotta figures (small intricate relief pieces from Fishbourne Palace).  We will discuss the subjects depicted on the figurative Samian, which are still used by artists today. 

Sculptor Kate Viner will demonstrate how to work with clay and will teach figurative sculptural skills. This will help you achieve more realistic results. Her work is represented in galleries around the world, and she is a leader in her field. This workshop coincides with a solo public exhibition of her contemporary portraits of local people showing at the Chichester Cathedral opening in June 2023.

The Romans produced astonishingly realistic portraits. Ancient roman society used portraits as a valuable tool for propaganda. Portrait sculpture was used to commemorate the dead or celebrate the achievements of the living, designed to inspire awe and subordination. Cath Pound ( culture February 2022 Why portraits have fascinated for millennia)