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Mystery Warrior Art Project

As part of the Mystery Warrior exhibition, the Novium Museum has worked closely with fine art students from the University of Chichester for the second year to develop new artwork inspired by the Iron Age and the Mystery Warrior burial to install in our interactive drawers within the exhibition.

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The remit was broad, and could focus on the nature of the Iron Age artefacts on display, or a more detailed look at the Mystery Warrior's weaponry. The artwork could take many forms, video, painting, sculpture or textile-based pieces were all welcome. The drawers could be hands-on and interactive, or could become an 'exhibition in miniature', and were only limited by their size and the practicalities of being in a museum.

We have worked with the students to create an online exhibition of their work. Each student has written a statement of their approach to this project, and the aspects of the exhibition that inspired them to create their pieces of art.

Photography taken by Andrea Vassallo.