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Stories Through Stitches

Stories through Stitches: Chichester District storytelling cubes with Splodge Designs and the Novium Museum

Take part in our exciting community project we are working with the fantastic Splodge Designs to create 'Stories through Stitches'. These are interactive storytelling cubes which tell the story of your Chichester and the district. 

Please note that your submissions will act as a stimulus for the project which means we may not be able to include everyone's contributions in the final artwork.


Get stitching! Splodge Leaves

 Time to get sewing! We're asking you to create fabric leaves or flower shapes that could be added to the cubes whilst they are being made.

Sew, crochet, embroidery it's up to you! We just ask that your pieces need to be between 1.5cm and 6.5cm. Please keep hold of your creations for now and then when the Novium re-opens we will ask you to send or drop them off with us.


Get beading!

Each cube will have a beaded label to describe the theme of the cube. If you're not sure how to sew beads, download Splodge designs' instructions on how to do a beaded backstitch here! You will also find templates of the text for our cube labels.

pdf icon Stories Through Stitches Backstitch Instructions [483kb]

Splodge character template  Splodge events template