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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips


Virtual field trips available - contact the learning team to book now!

Bring the museum to your classroom for a week of fun in 6 filmed chapters, using collection objects, actors and activities that you can join in with! 


Aimed at Key Stage 2, each field trip explores different periods of Roman occupation and Roman daily life. Perfect for a hook or end of topic activity, our virtual field trips bring high quality museum learning into your classroom and comprise:

  • 6 chapters of filmed content using the Novium Museum's collections including objects in focus, and both actor and teacher led workshops and games;

  • Activity sheets to be supplied digitally for use during the virtual field trip;

  • An optional loan box including real and replica handling objects that feature within the field trip;

  • An optional virtual Roman city tour.


We have three virtual field trips available:


Britain before the Romans

Discover what life was like before the Roman invasion, and find out more from Maeve the Celt about how people lived in the Iron Age. Learn about the Roman invasion of 43AD and how it changed Britain.


Roman Daily Life

Understand more about how the Romans lived, what objects they used, what they ate, and delve further into life at Chichester's Roman bath house. Learn more about what language they spoke with a Latin lesson from Katia the Roman.


Roman Army

Join our Roman soldier Brutus and learn how and why the Roman army was so successful. Discover more about the armour that they wore and how the army was formed - plus, try your hand at some Roman army battle formations!


  Tier 1 

  Virtual Field Trip


  Tier 2 

  Virtual Field Trip & Loans Box


  Tier 3

  Virtual Field Trip & Loans Box & Virtual City Tour 



Virtual field trips can be hired for one week. Loan boxes will need to be collected from The Novium Museum. All virtual field trips include a link to the film that is available for the length of your booking, as well as digital activity sheets for your class.

The learning team can be contacted by email or telephone 01243 775888. If you would like to speak to someone via telephone please leave us a message and a member of the team will return your call as soon as possible.


Our virtual field trips have been developed thanks to grant funding from Art Fund's Respond and Reimagine programme.